Amalgam: The Everyday of Delhi, A Photo Exhibition of street photography

Amalgam: The everyday of Delhi is a photo exhibition of street photography by Pallavi/ Delhi Galiyara. It is an Exhibition cum sale and all are cordially invited. Please find the details in the invite below.


Delhi is a city of cities. A remnant of the era bygone can be found in every present district of Delhi. Interestingly these architectural ancestors which make us travel time, form a beautiful amalgamation of the past and the present. The historical and the modern coexist in harmony forming a beautiful melange of people, of history, of civilizations which all come together in the streets of Delhi. This exhibition thus tries to capture the sync between the temporal and the spatial axes that creates the “everyday” of Delhi.
Delhi has assimilated cultures, people, dynasties and ethnicities since time immemorial and has lived on to become what it is today!

Amalgam thus is also a tribute to this assimilative spirit of Delhi!

Courtesy: Habitat World, India Habitat Centre
An Old world heritage presentation


Artist Bio:

An academic at heart, a foodie, and a flaneuse in practice. The Chief Explorer at Delhi Galiyara, a website that covers stories from the lesser known lanes of Delhi, Pallavi is a street photographer trying to bring out the much-neglected aspects of Delhi and the lives that inhabit it. She also conducts night walks in Mehrauli and Khirkee. A post graduate in Gender studies, Pallavi is trying to live out the theories taught in class, philosophising, exploring and clicking pictures – all simultaneously!

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Delhi Galiyara

Stories from lanes lesser known. Delhi Galiyara is an archive of everyday life from the streets of Delhi, a personal blog of a flaneuse!

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