My Tryst with the Delhi Metro

Travelling to distances and to places alone sure does make my family’s heart stay at unrest however the sense of freedom that it gives me, is unlike any other that I have felt till now. For the first time ever I was interested in giving great detail about the most mundane things because it felt like no small feat at having managed it all. I could hardly be silenced while giving great details regarding the work I had done.

I have just begun to experience the joy of exercising my freedom. I feel as though I can be at ease while I put into perspective the way I felt as opposed to what I believed. Starting with a new internship opens up a new range of possibilities for me and it allows me to experience the world in a way that most women of an earlier generation had to fight to experience i.e. access to the public sphere.

The day now begins with commute to my workplace through the metro. While travelling, I see so many people all with significantly different lives. You could only assume to know that somewhere their lives for a brief instance meet our own and then like weary travellers we must all go our own way. As the metro wound around the city, taking people to their destinations it appears to be a common link between the inhabitants of Delhi. The length and breadth of Delhi being covered by this automated machine, making Delhi more accessible to various people, the way it had for me. Bringing me closer to places that seem as though they were earlier out of my reach. This mode of travel made it easier for women to break the barriers that had earlier made it hard for them to fulfil their own aspirations, much like it did for me.

This, as some would say, is no big thing, but it’s no small thing either. The world over we know how women have been curtailed and controlled and having reached a point where we are thus free enough to pursue our endeavours. Each woman at some point had to fight to get this far and we still continue to fight but perhaps our fight has a new cause that we need to achieve, in this ever changing world where differences are slowly creeping in and creeping out.

Contrary to what I believed this experience to be like, I was pleasantly surprised by how at ease I felt while traveling in the metro. The things that we hear have an amazing capacity to create in our minds a crippling sort of fear but after my experience of having done so, I felt safer than what I had imagined I would feel.

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  • July 17, 2017 at 10:57 pm

    Great musings indeed!


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