Books, reading and Delhi…

Random people, a pre decided venue and a book bringing them all together. Sounds fascinating, isn’t it?

Book reading initiatives does exactly this.

A space where one is free to argue, talk, dissent without being judged for their choice of opinion is the best I can ask for and these reading groups enables it in the form of a floating island in this gigantic sea called Delhi.

Let’s see what options do we have for bibliophiles in the city.



This group has a Facebook page that allows people to talk about the books that they have read and give reviews about the books they found interesting. This page also allows people to ask for recommendations on books of a certain genre. I felt that this group allowed me to find a common ground with other people based entirely on a love for reading. This forum made so many ideas and thoughts open to me, limitlessly.



Photo Courtesy: Reader’s Break Facebook Page

This reading initiative makes knowledge accessible to people of any group, no matter where their interest lies, as long as they meet the goals of the initiative. brings together people from different professions to read and discuss different books. Philosophy and literature are its main focus. This reading initiative allows people like me to listen and get inspired by people of greater knowledge in an informal setting.



This group allows those socially reclusive people (much like me), a chance to meet people they won’t mind spending time with outside of a controlled setting. For me, this makes the simple task of borrowing a book, a scope for more interaction and somewhere we know that the friends we make over a discussion on books, is something worth cherishing. It allows the members to bring any book of their choice if it is a general meet, however if a specific topic has been given the members must bring books based on that topic.



Source: pixelbay

This initiative was started to make books more accessible to people. The creators used the medium of the Delhi metro, the most common form of transport for the citizens of Delhi, as a commuter myself, the prospect of riding the metro everyday takes on a sense of never felt before adventure. Here’s to hoping that one day, I too might get a chance to share in that adventure.

Till then I will go back to reading my own books! Ciao!

Photo Courtesy: Pallavi




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